Surprising results from Google Autocomplete

How a “tummy tuck in Mexico” and a “nose job in Albania” will help you find your ideal customers across the internet!

Results from a global campaign for the most searched keywords brought about a vital clue as to how to increase your keyword research, click through rate and ROI from a free Google tool “Google Autocomplete”.

Keyword Research is a pain.

As the internet becomes more and more crowded with competition and PPC costs skyrocket, anything which can give a real marketing edge is invaluable.

Thorough keyword research is the best starting point to formulate an effective campaign but can be tedious and let’s face it “hit and miss” based on what we think our customers want and what they actually are searching for.

Real Search Terms Can Be An Eye Opener.

A recent study by the internet research company FIXR looked to isolate the most popular search terms for each country across the globe. The search string used was “How much does a * cost in [country name]”? The asterisk was left to allow Google to compile the most popular terms country by country.

This is where the “tummy tuck in Mexico” and “nose job in Albania” came from!

Country trends throw up some hilarious results as a result of this search. Here are some of the more surprising results from various countries:

Google Search Brazil


Google Search Ireland


Google Search Iran


Here are some more surprising and amusing results for “how much does a * cost” …

“flying a MiG” Russia
“in vitro fertilisation” Australia
“mooring a yacht” Monaco
“a PS3” Lebanon
“a camel” Egypt


The FREE Tool Which Showed Them All.

Now all these terms came from the “Google Autocomplete” tool. A tool which has been questioned by many for the sheer number of wacky selections it returns. But Google assures us the predictive program “shows what other people are searching for and the content of Web pages.”

The program actually shows what people are actively searching for. No guesswork or smoke and mirrors but actual real time intelligence on what users really do want.

Whenever you see an insane suggestion in the Autocomplete search bar it is because real people have really typed it in!

Replace The Global Example With Specific Results.

Take this intelligence and apply it to your own keyword research and PPC marketing. Use the asterisk in your own campaigns and let Google show you what people actually are searching for.

Let’s say you are a small business advisor looking to reach new clients. Try this search string:

“* a small business advisor”

Some of the results from autocomplete:

Google Autocomplete one


Or what are the long tail search terms for upsells on a product. Try “how to * my trainers”:

Google Autocomplete Two


Google Autocomplete Three


It is easy to see how allocating your budget around these key phrases will bring results? No guesswork but the actual real, most recent and most popular search terms.

This Benefits Any Industry.

This tool will help identify hidden niche keywords in any market. It can be devastatingly popular for local searches also. The possibilities are endless and so are the results.

Answer The Questions For Maximum Returns.

This strategy is not restricted just to PPC. When you discover what people commonly search for you can generate content and specific pages on your website to answer their questions directly and gain organic Google ranking for even better reach and returns.

From the example above “how to make my BBQ sauce thicker” can you produce an article, an update, a blog post or video which addresses that very question?

So, can you provide quality content which will establish your credibility, answer concerns, fulfil needs and be quickly indexed by Google as your piece is entirely relevant and has been missed by your competition?

Of course you can and that will establish your authority in your market and generate new business organically.

Keep On Searching.

Start today, use the asterisk in a search string and let Google do the work for a change. See exactly what your market is typing in to the search engines and then capitalise on this.

Run your PPC campaigns far more cost effectively on pages your competitors are not even aware of and draw new business to you by answering popular search terms with organic, original content.

Jungle.Marketing are PPC experts and will help you identify niche PPC opportunities. At the same time, this Manchester based agency, offer bespoke copy writing services to deliver unique and relevant content for organic ranking as well as professional HD videos for keyword domination with increased market reach and virality.

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