You Can Now Send and Receive Money via Gmail

Gmail makes history as the first web mail application which gives users the option to send payments to recipients.

Written by Kaye Neylon

Google Wallet Gets an Upgrade

Google has made a string of announcements at its I/O Conference this week, the latest being the advancement in its Google Wallet and an update that no one predicted was coming, users of Gmail sending money via Google Wallet to via email.

As the video below helpfully explains, Gmail will display a dollar-sign icon for Gmail Google Wallet attachments. Users then click the icon and are able to transfer money via Google Wallet. The recipient doesn’t need to have a Gmail address and the big bonus point… you can also receive money!

So, if you break your leg right before a skiing holiday, don’t sweat it! Because Google has your back!

The Benefits of Gmail & Google Wallet

Users don’t need to use Google wallet, they can also pay using a credit or debit card for a small fee for each transaction.

Unfortunately, for Gmail’s loyal user-base outside of the U.S. this Gmail addition isn’t available to you just yet!

Security Risk?

Google claims user’s transactions via Gmail are encrypted and stored on its secure servers and transactions are monitored to prevent fraud and identity theft. What has been named ‘Google Wallet Purchase Protection’ covers 100% of “eligible unauthorized transactions.”

It would appear this is a pretty simple way to make payments to friends and family online for items and holiday’s, but will it take off?

Google Wallet was introduced in 2011, but it is yet to go mainstream. Its failure to launch was partly due to consumer resistance to mobile-based transactions and fraudulent activity, but also because of a lack of awareness and mCommerce development and deployment. As with Google+ though, Google is stomping its gigantic Gmail footprint to help further the technology’s acceptance.

Do you think Gmail Transactions will take off? Would you transfer money this way?


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