Getting to Grips with SEO Analytics Jargon

Understanding the way your website works, how people are interacting with your website and how many people are passing through is important to tweaking your marketing techniques and the performance of your site. SEO analytics can take some getting used to and there are many buzz words and a raft of confusing jargon that you will find it handy to learn.

The advantages of having a website is that have a means of attracting more visitors and potential customers to your business. The best way to be successful is to optimise your site using search engine optimisation. You also need to know about certain aspects of SEO such as “hits”, “visibility time” and “bounce rate”.

Common SEO Analytics Jargon Explained


Website analytics or SEO analytics refers to the collation and interpretation of website traffic data. That is the number of people who are visiting your site on a daily basis.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the amount of time visitors spend on your site before exiting from the same page that they entered on.

Crawlers, Spiders and Bots

These sound nasty, but they are actually very good for business. These are the programs or algorithms that find your site and index your pages so they can be found by the search engines.


This is the route your visitors use to navigate through your site. This is a great element to monitor as it can help you to devise better navigation and logic on your site so that the user experience is quicker and more streamlined.

Exit Page

The exit page is as its name suggests – the page that the user is on at their point of exit from your site. It could be they left without finding what they were looking for or it could be they found enough information.

First Session

This term relates to visits from users who have not been to your site before.


This term is also referred to as session unique and relates to the amount of times or frequency a visitor uses your site.


Simply refers to a request for a file or a page. Just because you get a lot of hits doesn’t mean that your site is popular.


Used in advertising and relates to the times when an advertisement is displayed on screen.

Page Views Per Session

Also referred to as Page Depth. This relates to the pages that your visitors view before they end their session.

Page View Duration/Time on Page

This term relates to the amount of time your visitors spend on a page.

Repeat Visitor and New Visitor

Exactly as their names suggest. Repeat visitors and new visitors are good in their own right. Repeat visits show your users like your site and find it useful.

Visitor Recency

This term refers to the amount of time that has elapsed since a visitor’s last visit. This is measured in days.

There are other terms that we have not listed here as they are probably more suited to a more advanced future article. However, the terms and descriptions above should give you a basic understanding of SEO analytics jargon and how useful analytics can be. At Jungle we use complex analytics software and techniques to monitor and improve our clients’ websites, so why not contact us today for a free consultation?


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