3 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Your Website Landing Page

The success of your website comes down to one thing – conversion rates.  Whilst you might be experiencing the highest volumes of traffic you have ever known, it all comes to nothing if those visitors are not converting to customers. 

That’s why it’s so important to get your landing page right.  When it comes to designing a landing page you need to think like your customer.  Get inside their heads and think what they would do upon landing at your page.  What is there to compel them to delve further?  Are you offering a special discount?  Is there useful information they can download in the form on an eBook or similar content?  Is it clear from your landing page what your company does and what you are offering?

There are a number of ways you can get your landing page to work for you.  Here are 3 improvements you can make today that will help you get your landing page doing what it is designed to do – convert. 

Define the Purpose of Each Page

It’s important that your visitors know what they need to do when they reach your page and that you know what you want them to do.  For example, some landing pages encourage signing up to a newsletter, downloading an eBook or engaging with social media buttons.  Once you know the conversion activity for each page and you assign the right controls and options you make it easy for your customers to engage with you.  By encouraging clicks, sign-ups and downloads, you entice your visitors deeper into your realm.   Okay, so world domination might take more than a few newsletter sign-ups, but it’s a start!  Design your landing pages for a specific action and nothing else. 

Keep Your Landing Page Focused

If your page isn’t focused, how can you expect your visitors to remain focused?  We’ve seen so many landing pages that are full of sprawling text, random images, and quite frankly lots of hot air.  And then there, at the bottom of the page, is a tiny little contact form.  Hardly anybody will scroll down that far.  Landing pages should ideally never need to be scrolled through.  If your message is clear and focused you can usually say all you need to say in under 300 words.  Include a few headlines to break up your text, add an image and a contact form and that’s usually all you need.  Unless something is necessary for converting visitors, don’t use it.

Match Creative Elements and Headlines

Visitors usually reach a landing page via an ad or another page.  Make sure the headline they see when arriving at your page matches the headline from your ad.  This will ensure your visitors know they are in the right place.  You can then tell them what they need to do with a quick intro and a clear call to action. 

These are just three of the things you can do to improve your landing page.  Just remember to keep it concise, keep it tidy and keep it focused.  


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