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Integrating a blog on your web site can have a profound effect on SEO performance as well as giving visitors the impression that your organisation is approachable and has personality. Blogging and blog integration is an ideal way to spark interest, promote a particular product, service or campaign or share new ideas and concepts. Blogging gives you the opportunity to increase your credibility by offering professional opinions and advice on current issues as well as backing up the information on the website. Blogging can create a combination of respect, loyalty and devotion.

Blogs can act as instant feedback tool. By allowing people to comment on your blog posts you are effectively creating a real-time feedback system allowing you to measure the reaction and general opinion of website visitors with regards to particular subjects. A blog can help you to identify potential disasters before they happen.

Blog integration allows organisations to define, analyse and present their knowledge more informally and in a way that people better understand. Sharing information and knowledge in this way encourages search engine indexing, making it easier to be found by potential customers.

It is extremely important that blogs are kept up-to-date as they are reliant on fresh information to keep people interested. Setting regular time aside to post updates is a very good idea. Having a blog on your website that hasn’t been recently updated can actually result in the visitor building a negative view and could contribute to a loss of a potential customer.

Blogs can help to establish an organisation or individual as an industry expert and a credible source of information and opinion. This credibility is likely to result in an increase of trust which in turn is likely to result in an increase in business. This credibility is not only felt by visitors but, if done correctly, it can also be felt by Google due to their new push towards authorship.

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