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One of the biggest changes that Google has made in the last few years is the way in which it handles its local search results. Google has recognised that if somebody searches for a keyword or search phrase with a location attached to it (e.g. plumber in Manchester) they are likely to be looking for a local supplier or product. Historically the 1st page of Google would be dominated by large companies with large budgets making it extremely difficult for the local business to compete. Google Places now allows small businesses the opportunity to compete by giving them priority due to location. Jungle Local are experts in Google Places SEO and can help your business to appear on Google Maps and the 1st page of the Search Results for your product or service.

Google now tries to tailor its results based on where you are located, especially when it thinks that you are looking for a local product or service. If you offer a local service or product it is extremely important that you make Google aware of exactly what you do and the location that you offer your service. At Jungle Local we ensure that Google is well aware of your service by optimising your Google places page, suggesting the necessary improvements to your website and also by offering a PPC service perfect for companies with a small marketing budget.

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