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When a leading personal injury specialist first came to us, they said they’d done so because they’d heard very good things about us (there go those jungle drums again). A fairly new company of just 6 years standing, they knew everything there was to know about the claims business but admitted, under questioning, that they were lacking Internet marketing skills.


And that’s where Jungle swung into action. First, we conducted an in-depth analysis of their website and identified the areas we could improve to help them meet their objectives of: driving revenue, reducing costs, improving customer engagement and increasing brand awareness. In fact, we helped them clarify their objectives to a crystal clear:

  • Increase organic traffic to the website by +100%
  • Reduce cost per new client from £250 to below £100
  • Reduce bounce rate to below 60%

We then set about creating imaginative and commercial digital marketing strategies and solutions to help them reach these objects, which included:

  • In-depth research of their category and competition
  • Applied our latest SEO structure to their website
  • Built a comprehensive sustainable social media structure
  • Implemented an effective online PR campaign to build domain strength


Our vision is for every Jungle client to be unexpectedly delighted with their online performance within 12 months – and we didn’t disappoint. The creative, commercial and confident strategies we employed for this personal injuries specialist paid out big time with:

  • Increased organic traffic by some 204%
  • Reduced cost per client to £90
  • Delivered substantial growth in the number of active claims
  • Reduced bounce rate to 53%

Results Organic Search Traffic Growth:

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