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Coral, the UK’s number 1 online sports betting site, heard that we were odds-on-favourite to deliver a winning formula for their online advertising campaign. With a test budget at stake and a timescale of 2 months, the race was on to:

  • Enhance their online presence within the UK sports industry
  • Increase their market share
  • Deliver client acquisitions at an acceptable cost, matching their investment to break even based on what it would cost through a CPA metric


After extensive competitor and market analysis, the solution was an online display campaign. We advised Coral on essential improvements to their landing page, adding data capture tools and improving their site content to aid conversion rates. Using our specialist data mining technologies and clickstream analysis, we located the exact match and demographic of their target audience.

Knowing that we needed to gain maximum exposure for Coral and include specific calls to action in an extremely competitive market, our experience lead us to choose a Sub Site. This ensured maximum targeted exposure for Coral and provided the space to include calls to action that encouraged commercial intent.

From the launch of the campaign, we used our advanced tracking technology and monitored the campaign to identify the optimum performance metrics. We acted quickly to transfer the budget to the best performing websites, adjusting the spend and frequency to create an exponential ROI for our client.


In only 3½ weeks, we delivered:

  • 2,200,000 targeted impressions
  • 372 registrations
  • 229 acquisitions
  • Beat our target of cost per acquisition by 67%

Needless to say, our successful over delivery of objectives with our test budget was proof for Coral that they had backed a winner and resulted in an ongoing relationship.

What our client said

Said Tim James, Marketing & Partnerships Manager of Gala Coral,

“In my time at Gala Coral I have never seen an advertising campaign exceed a goal that we set for affiliate and CPA partnerships. Not only are we extremely delighted with the results and service, we have invited Jungle Media to pitch for our entire online marketing operation”.

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