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When ToteSport, the 4th largest Bookmaker in the UK, came to Jungle, they said they were attracted by our track record of helping businesses grow through innovative digital marketing techniques that work. In short, they were confident that they weren’t taking a gamble.

Under starter’s orders, Jungle first spent a lot of time with the team from ToteSport, getting to know the ins and outs of their business and developing a very clear steer on their objectives, which were:

  • To reduce spend by 25%
  • Increase clients by at least 10%
  • Reduce conversion cost by a minimum of 25%
We then set about creating an imaginative and commercial digital marketing PPC strategy to help them reach these objects, which included:

  • Expert planning and preparation.
  • In depth research of top sporting events, historical search trends and reasons for traffic spikes.
  • Micro management of PPC campaigns during top sporting events, reacting to the day’s breaking news stories.


If we were betting people, we would have put money on ToteSport seeing a very real improvement in their online performance within 12 months – and we’d have been quids in. The creative, commercial and confident PPC campaign we developed for this already successful Bookmaker delivered:

  • Reduced spend by 29%
  • Increased client conversions by 24%
  • Reduced cost per conversion by 45%


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