Traditional Web Addresses Rule O.K

News | 26th Mar

73% of UK adults would prefer to visit a ‘traditional’ web address instead of dot brand domains

Written by Kaye Neylon

New generic Top-Level Domains

New generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) are set to be made available to the rest of us soon. This will allow companies to create their own dot brands such as or, but according to new research almost three quarters of UK adults would prefer to visit sites with traditional web domains, such as .com.

The Research

The research, carried out by a global provider of domain registry services, found that 73 per cent of UK internet users would prefer to visit traditional web addresses. 61 per cent of US adults said the same.

The thought behind the lack of positive response to brand domains is thought to be lack of trust in unfamiliar web addresses as 73% of UK adults would prefer to visit ‘traditional’ web addresses instead of dot brand domains.

Our thoughts

The launch of new TLDs coming later this year will result in major changes to the web as we know it as some of the world’s best-known brands will adopt a dot brand extension. As an internet marketing agency, our own SEO Manager – Dan has his reservations about TLDs.

“I think traditional domains have a trust element attached to them. When people see domain extensions that are unfamiliar I think they naturally question how genuine it is.”

On the upside, the new gTLDs offer consumers some benefits, such as reducing the risk of purchasing counterfeit goods online making their online shopping experience a more positive and safe one. It is obvious that businesses will need to seriously consider ways that they can integrate the new gTLDs into their online strategies and how they will educate consumers about their benefits.

What do you think?

Do you think gTLDs will become as popular as traditional web domains? Leave your predictions in the box below!


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