Web Browser War Rages On

News | 24th Jan

Latest figures indicate the latest trends in browser usage.

Written by Kaye Neylon

Statistics are undeniably important information and the latest from W3Schools.com show a huge shift in the browsers people are using. The stats, which have been collected over ten years, show favouritism towards Google Chrome and have seen Internet Explorer plummet into third place.

Google Chrome pipped its predecessor, Firefox, to the top spot in 2012 with 46.9% of web users preferring to use the browser over other alternatives. Chrome has seen almost a double in usage figures over the past three years, the browsers popularity can thank its processing speed and page loading times, as well as a strong marketing campaign.

Firefox, a creation from Ubuntu, has enjoyed a succession of pole positions having spent three out of the past five years at number one. The availability of Firefox began in 2005 having being rebranded from Mozilla which accompanied the free Linux-based operating system, Ubuntu.

Internet Explorer, once favoured by the masses (although we think the lack of available alternative browsers at the time may have had something to do with it) has seen a consistent slump in its numbers, falling by roughly 6% a year (almost 70% since W3Schools began collecting its data).

Rather unsurprisingly is the poor performance with the ever unpopular Safari . Given the popularity of the iPhone, iPods, Mac Books and other Apple products, some expected Safari to have seen an increase with its web browser offering, however the opposite is true with Safari consistently producing statistics between 2.7% – 4.2% over the last five years.

Which browser gets your vote? Do you think Internet Explorer will become obsolete in the next five years? Figures show this could happen… Make your predictions in the comments box below!


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