We Heard It Through the (grape) Vine

News | 5th Feb

Twitter release new GIF app for iPhone owners.

Written by Kaye Neylon

Twitter has launched itself into the standalone app market following the release of its greatly anticipated Vine app onto iOS.

Vine allows users to create six second videos in a GIF format and share with their friends via social networks. The app hopes to make Twitter a more attractive video alternative to Instagram as well as advertisers which will give the Twitter bank balance a well deserved boost.

It’s well documented that people respond better to images as opposed to text and the visual content will definitely be a magnet to the target demographic as the app offers the user the ability to create their own GIF images to share via Twitter and other iPhone users.

Currently, Vine sits at the #4 spot in the iTunes App Store, comfortably ahead of Google Maps and YouTube making it the current most popular social networking app. But what makes Vine so different to Instagram and other GIF creators such as Cinemagram?

As you see from the rather comical example taken from the blog ‘Willa’s World‘:

Vine - the GIF app for iPhone

For the less technically minded of you, Vine videos are short(ish), but they are noticeably longer than most GIFs (which generally average on three seconds in duration). There’s also less of the “jarring” look, allowing you to cram a surprisingly large amount of visual information into just six seconds. And the fun doesn’t end there, because Vine operates it’s GIFs in a stream, you’re encouraged to move on to the next one rather than repeat the same video over and over.

Is Vine going to keep growing, or will it soon become an app of the past? Share your predictions in the comments box below!


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