Twitter Turns 7

News | 21st Mar

With more than 400 million tweets sent each day and the likes of The Pope, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga counted among it’s top users, we take a look back the the top Twitter moments of the last seven years.

Written by Kaye Neylon

Happy birthday dear Twitter, happy birthday to you!

Twitter began on its voyage of social media supremacy in 2006 when creator Jack Dorsey sent out this famous tweet…

Twitter's first tweet

The hashtag revolution

Prior to Twitter taking off, the hashtag on your keyboards was one of the least used keys… Tweets changed everything when the hashtag was used to created by users to mark keywords or topics in their Tweets. Having being created organically by Tweeters as a way to categorize messages it has since then been adopted by almost every single Twitter user.

The hashtag revolution (you lovely lot) are responsible for creating something that is so unique that no one else has since created something as big in the realms of social media. Here’s a look at some of the most amusing/bizarre/downright crazy hashtags to have ever trended on Twitter!

Twitter moments that have gone down in hashtag history

1. The first hashtag

Twitter Turns 7

This was the first time a hashtag was mentioned on Twitter. Sent by Chris Messina in 2007, little did he know what ripple effect this would have on the social media we know today. Hashtags are now used on a wider variety of social networks, no longer exclusively for Twitter and most prominently being Instagram since 2011.

2. Obama’s “Four More Years” Tweet

Barack Obama has been sitting proudly in the Oval Office for most of Twitter’s short life and Twitter has been inextricably linked to his presidency. Twitter was the center of Obama’s campaign after he used it to raise his campaign’s awareness and get him elected in 2008 and again in 2012,making Obama the first “Twitter President”.

Twitter Turns 7

Most recently, Obama took to Twitter to tweet celebrations regarding his re-election. Obama’s “Four more years tweet” was short and sweet, and summed up the victorious moment perfectly. The timeless image that Obama’s tweet sent has been retweeted and shared more than one million times with more than 811,000 retweets and 302,000 favourites. It remains the most-shared tweet to date!

3. Oreo and The Super Bowl XLVII

The world’s most favourite (and delicious) cookie scored a touchdown at Super Bowl XLVII after its quick thinking marketing team designed an effortless and timely message… no competition! All hail the power of the cookie!

Twitter Turns 7

4. The Pope Joins Twitter

Twitter Turns 7

The Pope joined Twitter in December 2012, and this news was instantly carried across the globe. Fast foward a few months later as Pope Benedict XVI announced he was retiring (wonder what his pension package is like…), and Pope Francis was announced to take over.

More than seven million tweets were sent as the faithful patiently waited with their Androids, Tablets, iPads and iPhones in hand in St Peter’s Square.

5. Politics Gets Popular

Twitter smashed the record for the average number tweets per second sent as the assassination of Osama bin Laden broke on the social network and the story played out in traditional media.

Twitter Turns 7

The Osama bin Laden Twitter link might now have been endlessly written about, but it remains one of the most important news moments in our lifetime and Twitter had a starring role in the raid that killed the Al Qaeda leader.

What’s next for Twitter?

We wonder what Twitter will be wishing for when they blow out their birthday candles. Perhaps another seven years? Or possibly an IPO to quash that of social nemesis, Facebook? Whatever it is so hope the micro-blogging network continues its innovation for another seven years!

What’s been your favourite Twitter moment so far? WHat do you think is next for the social giant? Leave your predictions below!


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