Twitter Sentiment Over The Festive Period? There’s a Cure For That.

News | 18th Dec

No your eyes do not deceive you, the Christmas punch has not affected your eye sight… There is now an option to download all of your tweets, even your very first one.

Written by Kaye Neylon

Twitter have launched the feature ahead of Christmas as a small token of appreciation too all Tweeters, worldwide, after reaching its milestone 500 million users earlier this year.

Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, had promised Twitter users that an option for users to download an archive of all their tweets from their accounts would be available this year, and he delivered.

To download your tweets you can find the option to do so at the bottom of your Settings page. Simply follow these handy instructions!

  • Go to Twitter settings
  • Scroll down to “Your Twitter Archive”
  • And Voila! Download all your tweets!
  • Once you have selected the Tweet dates your request is then sent to Twitter HQ where they will kindly download your tweets and forward them in an email to you.

    Currently the download option is available to a random selected number of accounts so if you’re one of the lucky chosen few let us know your thoughts on the new feature in the comments box below!


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