Sigh of Relief as Panda Update is Downplayed by Google

News | 19th Dec

Last Thursday, marked the day where the resounding gasps of webmasters and SEOs around the country who felt a major algorithm or index update.

Written by Kaye Neylon

The update, which was thought to be from Google, was a shift in algorithm updates. The update was compared to when Google rolled out Panda and Penguin.

A Google spokesperson issued a statement informing keen internet/algorithm observers that there was no such update that they were aware of. Google HQ confirmed there was no Panda update and as far as they were aware of, no other update that took place on or around Thursday, December 13th.

However, all the signals point to some sort of Google update. The reaction in online forums pointed towards Google:

“It is an incredibly brutal blow. How in the world can they say that it isn’t Panda related?”

Three Google search ranking tracking tools all showed signs of Google updates. The tools include MozCast, SERPmetrics and

Google adamantly deny any updates to their algorithm but skeptics say otherwise.

Have you noticed any changes in your SERP’s? Let us know!


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