iPhone Location Data Potentially Stalks Users

News | 14th May

Written by Kaye Neylon

Data Tracking on another level

One computer-security expert in Australia has designed an application that allows anyone see the exact locations of the last three Wi-Fi access points used by an Apple iPhone or iPad . Such information which could be used to locate where the iOS device user lives.

The Melbourne-based researcher, Hubert Seiwert, has designed the app which has been rather appropriately named ‘iSniff GPS’, and is now freely available for anyone to download and use. iSniff GPS combines three different Apple iOS features in order to function.

Seiwert has calmed any concerns that none of the features will pose any threat to users privacy on their own, but when combined could tell strangers a lot about them.

“This could be used to locate … where people live. It’s a real cause for concern for iOS users.”

Seiwert gave a speech at while attending the BlackHat security conference in Las Vegas. You can see the presentation below.


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