Industry First as Nokia Launches Twitter Segmentation App

News | 6th Dec

In a mobile technology industry first, Nokia has designed and launched a Twitter app that allows users to segment its Twitter audience by which devices they own.

Written By Kaye Neylon

Nokia claims the app as a “first” for the mobile technology industry.

The popular and trusted phone maker says its ‘Tweetsender’ app solves the problem of sending out  messages on Twitter specific to a particular device or location to its large follower base.

Nokia also said that it knows only a “very small” percentage of the relevant audience will see the Twitter messages, all the more reason for their new app which can target a specific audience.

Followers of @Nokia on Twitter can now sign up to receive personalised messages based on the device they own, location information, software updates and apps they may be interested in sent to their Direct Messages inbox.

You can sign up on the site or send a Direct Message to Nokia with your device name.

Thomas Messett, Nokia’s global editor in chief of social media, told Marketing Week the creation of Tweetsender is a natural progression of its overarching social media principle: “always add value to your fans and followers”.

He adds: “We also feel this is the direction the industry move in next year with far less focus on acquiring fans or followers and more focus on what you do with them that delivers mutual value.”

The much coveted app will no doubt be the envy of many mobile marketers looking for similar segmentation of their own audience in the same way Nokia has managed.


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