Facebook Set To Change Timeline, Again

News | 21st Dec

Are you preparing yourselves for some more design tweaks to your Timeline? If not, then tough because it’s on the way.

Written by Kaye Neylon

Facebook designer’s have been doing some experimenting of late and some significant changes are set to roll out to the masses over the forthcoming weeks. Some timeline changes are already displaying for a small number of users although this has been kept to a minimum while tweaking is complete.

According to U.S based, ABC News, a producer’s Timeline first revealed the changes yesterday and we also have the new timeline features to play around with.

This morning we meandered through the new timeline and all of its new tabs, (we’ve included an example which can be seen below) and are happy to note that Facebook has indeed returned to tabs system.

Facebook have done away with the thumbnail pictures for “Friends,” “Photos” and “Map” (this is where you see all the places you’ve checked in or geo-tagged yourself and friends).

The Map has gone altogether from the timeline profile and has seemingly been banished under a tab that simply says “More.”

There’s a shiny new “About” tab at the top of the page, here the majority of information has been placed to tidy up the timeline. If you click on that you can access the information you’ve given about yourself, plus your full list of friends. If you scroll further, you arrive at your photos, although the “Photos” tab will take you there faster.

And as Facebook previously announced, the word “subscribers” is being replaced with the Twitter-penned term “followers.”

A Facebook spokesperson addressed the changes:

“This is a new design Facebook is testing with a small percentage of people to make navigating Timeline even easier.”

In November, Facebook began experimenting with putting all users posts into a single column. The was abandoned as it was thought the timeline would look too cramped and basic.

The timeline changed earlier this year, much to the shock and dismay of Marketers around the world as landing pages had vanished and in its place the new timeline.

Can you see either of these changes yet? Should Facebook leave the timeline alone for a while and let us catch our breath? Let us know in the comments box below!


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