Releases Search API To Discover Trends & Discussions

News | 10th Jan’s release of the new APIs (Application Programming Interface) allows users to search for top stories in real time.

Written by Kaye Neylon, the online URL gatherer, is used by many marketers to drive traffic to their website is now displaying top trends and discussion forums over the URL network.

Users can quickly see the top URLs and stories for any specific query right now, in real time, think Twitter with an added editorial bonus!

There’s three types of functions which the new API includes:

(1 Realtime Search: Search for top stories and URLs (to embed within your own site or blogs) in real time by query and geographic location.

(2) Trend Spikes: This doesn’t require you to search using keywords, instead the ‘Bursts API’ feature does exactly what it says on the tin and displays the current phrases that are receiving a “burst” in attention. Pretty cool huh!

Here’s a snap shot of the Trend Spike API tool. URL Tool

(3) Much needed Metadata about URLs: will provide (for free-ish, you’ll need a membership first) the metadata on URLs based off of keywords, topics, content, language, and location relevance.

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