Who should be the Digital Brand of the Year?

Execution and innovation, just two of the winning methods that may win one lucky brand ‘Digital Brand of the Year’

Written by Kaye Neylon

As the digital marketing agency that likes to help brands thrive in their digital habitat, we’ve been investigating which brand should be granted the Rev Award.

Rev will crown one brand the winner but not before they all make their case as to why they should pick up the accolade which recognises the use of digital media to execute innovative ideas and achieve outstanding marketing success during the past 12 months.

The shortlist has been announced and was chosen by Marketing and Brand Republic, and the winner will be announced at the Rev Awards ceremony in London 17 May 2013.

Here’s the case for each of the brands, but who will be crowned brand of the year?

The case for Nike

Nike+ Ad

Nike has recently developed the ultimate digital brand with Nike+ and Fuelband, both of which has launched the sports brand into a new digital dimension. Throughout the Olympics, Nike received a large cut through social media campaigns, and it wasn’t even a partner of the Games!

The case for Kickstarter

Kickstarter Ad

You’d have to have been living under a rock in the most desolate part of the world to have come across or even heard of Kickstarter. The brand has sky rocketed since its launch in 2009 and have funded more than 39,000 creative projects making Kickstarter the very best in new product innovation. If that wasn’t impressive enough, they even picked up an Oscar for a Kickstarter-funded film.

Kickstarter has well and truly transformed the route for young brands across the globe.

The case for Burberry

Burberry Beckham

If signing a mini-Beckham wasn’t enough of a brand boost for Burberry, they have turned luxury marketing on its head. How did they do this? Well they began segmenting customers via social influence as opposed to traditional demographics. Burberry has embraced instagram and began live streaming its shows to make the brand accessible to all demographics without sacrificing its premium brand positioning.

Burberry are a first class example of how a brand should use digital to transform the whole business from top to bottom, an example of their stellar digital execution is their collections moved forward so you can buy directly from its very own digital catwalk!

The case for Red Bull

Red Bull Baumgatner Ad

As the saying goes… “Red Bull gives you wings” and it carried them to the forefront of digital content marketing in 2012. Red Bull has gone from strength to strength by aligning itself with extreme sports and action and producing some of the world’s most watched virals.

With quality content available across the social stratosphere, Red Bull now possesses one of the top online brands. Its Facebook page boasts an impressive 26.8 million likes and sees Red Bull rank in the top 50 branded pages in the world.

Simple put, Red Bull’s digital brand presence is out of this world… literally! (Baumgartner anyone?)

The case for Topshop

Topshop social catwalk ad

Across London Fashion Week Topshop was undoubtedly the fashion world’s most socially media savvy high street brand. Topshop can brag of being ahead of their rivals on Google+ and is can never be accused of not striving to engage an equally mobile savvy audience in new and unique ways.

Most impressively, Topshop’s ‘Customise the Catwalk’ campaign allowed users to instantly change the model’s looks when they walked on the runway as well as buy the look there and then. Topshop perfectly combines social media and eCommerce to bring a seemingly smooth service and unique user experience.

The case for Heineken

Heineken Open Your World Ad

Most recently Heineken have devised an extremely effective social media campaign in the form of their current ‘Open Your World’ campaign and with partnerships with James Bond, Heineken find itself topping the social media charts against all other beer brands across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Hats off to Heineken, a worthy nominee for this year’s Rev awards!

The case for Net-a-porter

Net-a-porter The Edit

2012 has been a brand shaping year for Net-a-porter who has seen huge increase in their digital presence, embraced apps, and to top it all off has become the market leader in shoppable content making them the ultimate eCommerce brand.

Oh, and they also launched their own digital magazine ‘The Edit’.

The case for Skittles

Skittles Social Media Ad

Taste the rainbow? Well they might just be tasting sweet victory at the Rev awards. Although Skittles are fairly new to the social media scene, they have certainly made an impact with its off-beat approach. In their online/social media endeavors in 2012, Skittles have kept their audience entertained with quirky tweets not to mention the oddball updates via Facebook.

Skittles have seen its social following engaging on an enviable level, as they say “The proof is in the pudding” and the nations favourite fruity treat has adopted a more human approach which has proven to be the most effective!

Who gets your vote?

Do you think there’s a brand missing from the list? Can you think of one more worthy?


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