Jungle Video Services

Scriber Animation Videos

Scriber Animation Videos:

60 Second

£350 (With Music)

£450 (With Voice Over)

Full Animation Videos

Full Animation Videos:

60 Second


Presenter Videos

Presenter Videos:

60 Second


“How to” Videos

“How to” Videos:

60 Second

£…contact us for a price

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Explainer Videos

Using video on your website to give a summary explanation of your product or services can increase visitor conversion rate by +64%.

Video can also increase the time a visitor spends on the page by +85%. The search engine views time on page as a signal if the page is relevant to what the searcher is looking for. As part of the SEO mix video is an important factor in convincing Google that your website is an expert in its category and can deliver quality content.

The video should only be 1 to 2 minutes long to maximise conversion rate; any longer and the visitor will lose interest. It should finish with a good call to action.

These videos can also be syndicated to video sharing websites, and through your own Youtube channel. They can then be found for keywords that are questions about the product or service and provide a great opportunity for multiple exposure on Google when searchers select video search.

Our service includes:

  • Scriptwriting if required

  • Voiceover artist when requested

  • All animation elements

  • Kinetic text

  • Licensed musical soundtrack

The process is simple and straightforward and detailed below:

  1. An original script is developed using website content as source material. This is sent to you for sign off.
  2. The chosen voiceover artist records the track and it’s uploaded into the post production suite.
  3. The visual elements are created by the animators and cut to the voiceover which normally takes around 10 days. The colour palette selected is congruent with website brand guidelines.
  4. The dubbing editor adds a musical soundtrack and the video is uploaded to a preview site
  5. We include 2 full feedback passes to tweak the visual element and once we have sign off the remainder of the fee is due
  6. The video files are sent over using a download link.

Our expert team can also provide video production onsite at our client premises. This is ideal for personal testimonials, corporate presentation video or product demonstrations.

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