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Here are a few ideas on how to engage with your online audience…

FAQ videos.

Instead of pages of text online viewers cannot be bothered to read, create short videos to answer potential client’s questions prior to them making contact, creating a warm lead and more knowledgeable customer.

Social Media videos.

10-20 second long videos that are product, time or event specific videos. These are then distributed across your social media. The click through and share rates for video above just text or image posts are huge. Driving traffic to your website.


Video Testimonials.

You know your business is great but getting someone else to say how great you are is far more powerful. One of the most effective ways to sell your business.

Product or service animated explainer videos.

Animated videos are one of the most popular formats on the internet. With no physical limits to what can be shown, animation can get your message across so effectively. From a basic ‘scribe’ video (we’ve all seen them; a hand draws what the audio is saying) right through to bespoke animation graphics with professional voice over.

Scriber videos

Full animation videos

Presenter Videos.

An ideal way to give a clear engaging message to the viewer so to achieve maximum conversions. A great method to portray the right image in a short 60 second professional presentation

Presenter videos


Ideal for both internal and external use. Research shows most people forget 80% of what was taught in a seminar within an hour of walking out the room. Why not film it and edit it down into bite sized chunks to refresh the audience for weeks to come. A promo of your event/exhibition with vox pops of people at the event is a great way to sell next year’s show.


Good old fashioned advertising (seems like a dying medium these days) but if you don’t tell people what you do then they’ll never know if they need your product or service.


Either upskilling your staff or selling your skills online. E-learning is the biggest growth market on the internet. Estimated to be worth £45bn globally in 2017.

Case study.

Giving an example of how you do what you do and the difference you made is one of the best ways to show how you can help those looking at your website.

Meet the team.

No matter how advanced we get as a species, one thing will always hold true – people buy from people they like. Introducing you and your team on video is a great way to create a connection before meeting the potential client in person.

Hints tips blog.

Content marketing is the most popular and effective way of selling your brand online. Demonstrating you are an expert in your field by giving away useful tips and hints, is not only great for SEO and social media engagement, but when the potential client is ready to buy, you will be first in their thoughts of who to contact.

Customer journey video

Show the customer what they can expect if they were to buy from you. The amazing level of service and after care etc.

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