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What is “Youtube Chanel Membership”

YouTube Reaches One Billion Monthly Users

Youtube has recently been moving forward with bold plays to keep their biggest names and content producers. It’s true that recently many YouTubers have been speaking out against the network. Some are in dismay at how often their videos are marked as copyright material or unsuitable for certain age groups, while other more sensitive and offensive videos seem to slip through the cracks.

It is possible that other social networks will seize the opportunity to grab some large names. For instance, Youtubers might move to Instagram to release videos instead, particularly now that it’s possible to release similar videos to Youtube on a range of different networks and even conduct live streams.

This might be why Youtube has begun to release it’s Youtube Channel membership scheme. This could benefit Youtubers and in particular creators of “how to content.”

What Is The Youtube Channel Membership Scheme?

This scheme is designed to bring Youtubers, new and old, fresh ways to make money and profit from the content that they produce. As well as this, it is hoped that the membership scheme will encourage more interactions between content producers and their viewers. In doing so, it will bring more traffic to Youtube and generate more money for some of the biggest producers.

Last Year Youtube tested a channel membership scheme and in July of this year, it was fully rolled out across the entire network. The scheme is based around a concept that has already been running for years on Youtube Gaming. Youtube Gaming channels have a sponsorship program, not unlike Twitch. By paying about $5, viewers were able to sponsor their favourite channels, gaining access to exclusive digital content such as custom badges and emojis.

Now, the same scheme is available across the entire Youtube network. Although, unlike Youtube Gaming, there are a few more targets that Youtubers must reach before they can gain access to this beneficial program.

What Do You Need?

Unfortunately, this program is not open to all content creators on Youtube. You need to be over the age of 18, you must have 100,000 subscribers or more and you must be a member of the Youtube partner program. While 100K subscribers is a tough target to reach, the new membership program is certainly beneficial.

The good news is that the price subscribers pay is the same at just $4.99. As well as this, Youtubers can still offer their subscribers digital content and exclusive benefits. While Youtube will monitor carefully what these benefits are, the door is wide open for content creators to choose whichever ones they want. It’s a great way to engage the target audience more.

Why Is This Beneficial For ‘How To’ Video Creators?

‘How To’ video creators will benefit from this scheme because they will be able to create the same content while getting more revenue directly from their subscribers. As well as this, with new merchandise possibilities, creators can sell merch directly to their subscribers. Merchandise is a great way to boost the brand and reward your audience.

However, perhaps the most interesting new addition to the Youtube model for ‘how to’ content creators is the new “Premieres” option. This provides all the benefits of that YouTubers get from live feeds without actually going live. It creates a landing page that directs subscribers to a new video before it is released. This landing page comes with a live feature which creators can use for Superchat. That means you will be able to interact directly and instantly with your target audience. This could be a fantastic, exciting new opportunity for fresh ‘how to videos.’ Viewers can ask questions about your content and you will be able to answer them instantly.

Premieres will appear on the Youtube homepage and may be promoted by the network itself. Once the video has been added to the site, it won’t have ads in front of it at all. This is great news as ads can put viewers off.

As you can see then, there are a wealth of new opportunities to explore with the push from Youtube to keep their content creators happy. Producers of ‘How To’ videos could definitely benefit from these new possibilities. You will be able to gain more revenue from your subscribers to help you produce fresh content, interact more with subscribers and grow your brand all at the same time.

The best part is that these new options run on the same interface. There’s no new interface to familiarise yourself with. If you meet the bars that Youtube has set for features like this, then you can get started right away.

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