Why is Google Analytics so important to your business?

So why is Google Analytics so important to your business? For a completely free analytics package, the benefits of using Google Analytics are impressive. The potential to see where the buying cycle of your customer starts and finishes used to be a marketing holy grail and is now available at your fingertips. Attribute your marketing… Read more »

5 Practical tips on using Twitter for business

The reports on the phenomenon of hashtags and how they’re starting to lead the media agenda is now one of the most reported news items in the world. Yet, when we speak to other businesses, it remains one of the least understood social media platforms of all. Twitter is massive, let’s not pretend it isn’t. It… Read more »

Digital Marketing Agency Jungle launches new website

Manchester based digital marketing agency Jungle have launched their new brand and website to reflect their renewed focus on digital’s biggest growth areas, social media and mobile marketing. The website, which was developed in-house, features a set of useful Survival Guides on topics including SEO, online display and conversion analytics. Visitors can also undertake a… Read more »

CSI Manchester? Digital Marketing Agency Jungle gets forensic

Manchester based digital marketing agency Jungle is taking a leaf out of CSI’s book and turning its forensic analysis skills on its neighbours in Salford Quays.As part of the internet marketers’ rebrand celebrations, they are offering local firms a free forensic analysis of their web presence, and perhaps more importantly, that of their competitors. Businesses… Read more »

Conversion analytics: A Jungle survival guide

What is conversion analytics? Basically, conversion analytics is a technological digital marketing strategy designed to increase the number of actions completed by your website visitors. These actions could include anything from making a purchase or leaving their details with you, to phoning you for a quote or commenting on your blog. How does it work?… Read more »

Mobile marketing: A Jungle survival guide

What is mobile marketing? It’s a massive, ever-evolving digital marketing phenomenon, growing at breakneck speed. There are now an estimated 11 million smartphone users in the UK alone. Even without taking all the tablet users into account, that’s a huge audience – with a mammoth reach. Think about it, people carry their phones with them… Read more »

Social media: A Jungle survival guide

What is social media? Social media marketing (also referred to as earned media) is a branch of digital marketing where brands and businesses communicate with customers by participating in social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Social media is a term used to describe the overall space and the activities around social interaction… Read more »

Online display: A Jungle survival guide

What is online display? Online display advertising is an Internet marketing term used to describe the placing of display ads on other company’s websites. These can be in the form of banners, leaderboards, skyscrapers, MPUs, buttons and, most recently, video formats – especially the highly successful pre-rolls which can send response rates through the roof…. Read more »

PPC: A Jungle survival guide

What is PPC?Pay Per Click advertising (also referred to as paid search) is a digital marketing term used to describe the activity of advertising your site on other websites or on search engines and paying the host company each time someone connects to your site.This is a popular emarketing strategy because you don’t pay to… Read more »

SEO: A Jungle survival guide

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process by which you make your website easier for searchers to find, by using online marketing techniques to get it ranked more highly by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! Research has shown that internet users trust organic search results far more than paid… Read more »

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