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Business owners and entrepreneurs with any doubts in their mind about the power of social media promotion will want to take a look at a recent news article from the coastal county of Cornwall. During the month of August, the county’s main promotional website “Visit Cornwall” has stopped promoting the area as a fantastic place for families to come during the summer due to overcrowding on the beaches – overcrowding that was caused by well-thought-out social media strategies.

Cornwall under siege

The Independent newspaper reported that Cornwall is struggling to cope with an unprecedented surge in visitors thanks to marketing agencies and their approach to promotion. The people who run Visit Cornwall claim that coastal areas have become inundated with visitors thanks to their new campaigns, and so traffic has become an unexpected issue. Still, this news helps to prove the power of online advertising and the use of the Instagram platform in particular.

As a result of the wave of new visitors to the area, Visit Cornwall has decided to stop promoting their two most popular beaches for the following few weeks, and that move has been welcomed by frustrated locals who are getting stuck in lengthy traffic jams when commuting to and from work.

Both Porthcurno beach and Kynance Cove have seen an influx due to this summer’s heatwave and heavy social media promotion, the website team claimed.

Malcolm Bell from Visit Cornwall said:

Nobody wants to see this sort of mass tourism affecting the area, affecting the tourist experience and clogging the roads. Airbnb has gone ballistic, so we’ve had about an extra 20,000 visitors from that every day – and when the weather is like this often relatives will come down and stay.

A representative from South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust said:

This summer we have struggled to reach patients on various occasions due to vehicles being parked inappropriately. We urge people to park sensibly and to show consideration for emergency vehicle access.

According to local union members, the situation in Cornwall gets a little worse every year, but this time things have become so severe that organisations plan to hold meetings to discuss their approach to promotion next summer. They claim it is time to work out how to balance the tourism industry with the needs of local residents and business owners.

The power of social media

There is no getting away from the fact that the situation in Cornwall has come about thanks to advanced marketing strategies from agencies that focus their efforts on social media promotion. Without the vast Instagram following on the Visit Cornwall account, and without visitors posting stunning snaps of their holidays, the influx of tourists would be unlikely to occur.

The circumstances surrounding the Cornwall case are not unique, and there are many other instances in which a social media agency can achieve equally impressive levels of success. Entrepreneurs who are not yet employing the services of experts to promote their websites, products and online activities are now reassessing their approach in light of this news.

So, how can an Instagram agency or social media agency help business owners to gain impressive levels of attention online and cause traffic jams at their retail stores? Well, firstly, it’s vital to understand that the marketing industry changes every day, and so entrepreneurs need access to experts who keep their fingers on the pulse. That is the best way to capitalise on the latest trends and make them work for any brand.

Social media essentials

In the modern landscape, it is crucial for businesses to build a presence across all the most popular platforms. That is one of the most important social media tips you entrepreneurs will ever read. A social media agency can help to create and grow Facebook pages, YouTube channels, and Facebook and Instagram accounts. The best thing about outsourcing those tasks is that the business owner benefits from the knowledge of people who work in that field every single day. So, they will always get better results than they could achieve in-house.

The power of Instagram and other image sharing social networks is growing every single day. The news from Cornwall helps to prove that fact. Without the use of stunning imagery promoting those two beaches in the coastal county; it is unlikely the local residents would need to plead with Visit Cornwall and visitors to the area to stop using the platform.

An Instagram agency will know how to take the most attractive and appealing photographs, and they’re experts in the use of filters. So, any entrepreneur or business owner who wants to make headway and build a strong following on that platform will want to get in touch with reputable firms as soon as possible.

Social media tips

While it is sensible to employ the services of experts, the following social media tips should help business owners and entrepreneurs to make a start on building their audience on Instagram and other social networks.

  1. Be as creative as possible.
  2. Be as consistent as possible (post regular updates.)
  3. Try Instagram stories.
  4. Engage with your audience (respond to comments and likes, etc.)
  5. Use stunning profile imagery.
  6. Expand the reach of your posts with hashtags.
  7. Collaborate with popular accounts and @mention others.
  8. Attempt to build anticipation.
  9. Assess your success and built on it.

If the recent news coming out of Cornwall teaches business owners anything; it should be that the power of social media can often overstretch even the most ambitious expectations. While it can seem like somewhat of a hit and miss strategy, professional Instagram agencies tend to get more hits than misses, and that proves there are many benefits to working with people who have extensive knowledge and understanding of the platform. The same goes for many other social networks like Facebook and Twitter too.

Anyone who would like to know more about the benefits of social media promotion and especially building Instagram accounts should feel free to get in touch with our team as soon as possible. Give us a call at Jungle.Marketing on 03333001299.

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